I was intrigued by design at a young age and grew up with art in the family. Drafting and designing seem very natural to me, having had several architects in my family including my parents.

My mom has always been an inspiration to me… I have always been amazed by her artistic and creative streak that shines through everything she does… Specially in her art works and decorative designs.

Put it briefly, I love creation by design… and that’s where originally my mind goes to everyday.

I like to work in a wide range of intuitive art fields from interior design, styling and photography to web and graphic design.

Above all, interior design and styling, bringing a home to life and creating a space for exceptional and sophisticated gatherings and building memories has always been my passion. I love colors and decoration and enjoy baking, photography and doing pretty much anything I could bring my creativity in!

Only few things make me happier than creating something that will bring joy to someone. I love to help with formation of new ideas while having coffee with my clients or exchange any number of emails with them to come up with a design and space they like to dream of.

I am passionate about the environments I create, where it means to me to be simple, clean and elegant… the words inspiring me every day to better define myself.

I hope you enjoy exploring my projects, as well as some of my favorite new findings along the way.